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2021-10-7 · If you can dream it, we will deliver it. With over 11 years of experience, Lintel builds high-end technical solutions perfectly tailored to your business, helping you create the technology you need to succeed. We also help you create outsourcing excellence centers using the same technology ourselves.


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What is Lintel? 7 Different Types of Lintel Used in Building

2022-7-4 · 1. Timber lintel. Timber lintels were very common in use in the olden days when technology was not very advanced. Also at present time, some wooden lintels are used in buildings. But now it has become difficult and expensive due …

Lintel ( Lintel Beam) | 6 Types of Lintel | Functions of Lintel

1. Functions of Lintel. Some of the major functions served by the lintels in the buildings can be listed as follows: a. It provides additional strength to support the incoming loads to the doors and windows openings. b. It provides support and imparts stability to the walls above the door and window openings. 2.

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Partner with Lintel on your next engineering project. Then let Lintel engineer an enduring partnership. Only Lintel brings experience, integrated teams, original solution and intelligence to the entire life of your global construction …

What is Lintel and Types of Lintel

A Lintel is a type of beam which is placed across the opening of doors, windows, and equipment opening in the wall. The Lintel is a load-bearing structure and it is provided across the width of the window. Lintel Beam. In the window, the beam provided at the bottom level is known as the Sill. Sill works as a non-load bearing structure.

Lintel [a comprehensive study on types of lintel] …

2022-7-4 · If the span is known, the arrangement of the lintel can be selected. Mainly there are two types of lintels depending on the type of construction. 01. Constructed on all Walls. For single-story buildings, lintels are provided on all …

What is a Lintel and What Are the Different Types of Lintels?

2021-11-30 · What Are the Different Types of Lintels? There is a range of lintels that can be used for all types of properties. The type of lintel used can vary on the cost of the material and the availability of the material at the time of construction. The main types of lintels are: Brick lintel, timber lintel, steel lintel and concrete lintel.

Steel Lintels

Lintel Steel is typically common A36 steel and may or may not be specified as galvanized depending on climate and exposure to the elements. 1/4″ is the most common minimum thickness used for lintel steel. Lintels can come in all sorts of custom sizes but the most common are 3-1/2″ (nominal brick width) X 3-1/2″.

Chained lintels in a building – What are the implications?

2020-4-27 · Advantages of chained lintels. (1) It can improves the rigidity of the building. This is a no-brainer since more redundants are being added to the frame of the building. As a result, the building can behave more as a unit due to the increased linking members. (2) It improves the robustness of the building.

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LINTEL – Engineering and Construction, S.A